lundi 6 octobre 2014

Bandits Reelin & Heavy Metal white Army

It was vice head of bandits Reelin family, but killing under cover to Dosakusa combat Reelin in an attempt to ascend to become boss. But seat of the successor of the family lost to Gyabure, I want to escape the family. To participate in the rebel army was invited to am short-handed, but it is on the basis of Negae~tsu Gyabure nice and quick rebel and fall into inferior. And survive the final battle to become a lieutenant position of Gyabure in front thereafter. Machine squared Zetta, space lister, Guraia, Calvary Temple.

Were provided to Gyabure which joined the Poseidaru Army, Captain Planet missile cruiser bomber, which is composed only of women "Slender scalar". It becomes lieutenant of Gyabure directly. Redhead erect large features. That instead of the Gyabure that go to the front as the head liner is large, and take command of the ship there were many. There were also words and actions, such as contempt and Jakuhai upstart the Gyabure initially, but would like to evaluate the talent of Gyabure among which to superimpose the fight. Man of the world to the mercy throughout the lukewarm attitude of Gyabure, to follow from the shadows even while amazed.

Referred to as the "It's your apprenticeship in the last Gyabure kun" when the decisive battle of the Giwaza, you have dared to attack the total Giwaza army. Savings Rashiku hobby, I have houses a piggy bank pink elephant to the console of the captain seat. By the way, other was released for a limited time from Toys Press, Inc. after making design changes and some coloring after, this piggy bank fancy goods that Fatima diode is brought to Fatima cockpit of MM Auger in "Five Star Stories" I have appeared as one of the. It is also located on the bridge of each ship, that of the trigger of Planet Bomber.

Bridge personnel Slender scalar. Sometimes in mass per unit area Officers Ney was dispatched, I Tarashikon in Irojikake in order to stop the movement of Gyabure. But it would be biased in favor to Gyabure, and would like to cooperate with him in earnest. I will killed in battle with the full flat. Resuscitated by flat before you die completely in the "Heavy Metal white" is a sequel of the TV version, it is handed over to the surviving retainer Gyabure by her two years after the campaign end. At that time, we have got to change the constitution superhuman strength as the price of resuscitation, you've tightened enough to lead to unconsciousness the Gyabure to beat that embraced happily reunited.